6th February to 12th February

6th February to 12th February

On the 7th it was a wickedly cold morning as we strolled around the ‘Secret Fields’. The frost was heavy and there was freezing fog lightly hanging across the fields making the air feel even more cold and crisp. Due to it being so cold I had dressed the boys in their rather smart thermal jackets to keep them warm, not that they needed them as they run like lunatics so build up plenty of body heat.

Mornings like this are definitely worth getting up early for…

On the 8th I was early to my first job of the day so stopped of at Langdon Hills Country Park to enjoy my breakfast in the sun whilst the temperature was still in the minuses. It has been seriously cold for a while know and the temperature has stayed below zero all day for a few days now.

Sunrise on the 10th and we were doing the rounds at ‘Secret Fields’ freezing our googlies off as the van temperature gauge was reading -4. It stop us enjoying our stroll and watching the sun come up across the fields.

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