22nd August to 28th August

22nd August to 28th August

On the morning of the 23rd we headed for Cherry Orchard again to stretch our legs before enduring the work of the day. It was pretty warm even at 6.30 and it was to walk in the shadow of the mature trees of the country park. The boys had their usual swim n the lake and splash around in the river and enjoyed my coffee sitting on a tree stump in a hidden part of the park.

On the 24th I was too early to arrive at my first job of the day so seeing as Tile Wood was just round the corner I drove there and had a little power walk around this lovely little woodland. I was hoping to find a few mushroom to gather but its still a bit too early I reckon, but there was a few inedibles that I found. I do enjoy wandering around woodlands, it is so relaxing..

Very early doors on the 28th I decided I wanted to cook and eat my breakfast in some woodlands so I set of to a gorgeous mature woodland I explored a little while ago. I cooked and ate my bacon grill and cheese sammidge, don’t judge me it was an experiment, when I got there. Had a little explore around the area and then spent most of the day asleep in my hammock beneath the canopy of the trees. I have written about this elsewhere on my blog so if you would like to read more then click HERE and there’s a lot more photos too.

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