15th August to 21st August

15th August to 21st August

On the 16th I was back walking the 3 amigos around Secret Fields for their mornings run. It was over cast and cool this time which made a lovely change to ever constant upper twenty degree temperatures that we seem to be enduring lately.

On the 18th I had a lovely long walk around the perimeter of Wallasea Island and through the RSPB Nature Reserve. It was pretty warm but with heavy clouds in the sky which inevitably opened and soaked me in a couple of heavy downpours. I have written more about this walk elsewhere in my blog so click HERE to read more about it and see lots more photos.

On the 21st I took the boys for a swim down at Shoebury East Beach, its only a small beach which i have written about before, but we like it down there. The boys had a whale of time chasing their ball into the cooling water, and it was sooo cooling when I had a little paddle, and swimming after it. Although it was early the temperature had started to rise considerably so I opted not to walk them further along the beach area and just let them swim around in front of the beach huts.

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