4th October to 10th October

4th October to 10th October

I had a few walks this week as my workload had eased a little and I was glad it had as the time I spent out in the countryside was much needed.

The 4th saw me and the boys having an early morning wander around the local country park, as we regularly do before I have to set of for work. Our walk started of overcast but the clouds soon passed and the sun came out to say hello. Wandering along the tracks I was soon spotting various mushrooms growing beneath the bushes and in the verges and edges of the fields. I think i saw 6 different species of funghi this time around but I will write a piece about them at a later date. The boys throughly enjoyed themselves as they always do.

On the 6th I was working on Canvey Island and ended up with a little time on my hands so I decided to have 10 minutes relax somewhere along the seafront. I ended up at Concord Beach where the sun was bright but the wind was blowing strongly. Fortunately the tide was in and I had a little walk around the walls of a small tidal pool there where I saw a couple of fair sized flatfish shot off from beneath the sand as my shadow fell across them. I loved this little break and I will have to visit again sometime and walk the perimeter of the Island.

On the 8th Sharon and I took the boys for a quick run along the beach at Shoebury before work but unfortunately the tide was out and the weather was cold and misty. We enjoyed our short walk, as did the boys, and finished of with a Belgium Bun and a nice latte on the way home.

Sunday the 10th and the boys and I went for a lovely long walk along Paglesham Creek, which we have done a fair few times before for not for a couple of months. We arrived just as the sun was rising and set of across the fields into the mist that was slowly lifting. It was surprisingly chilly on this morning and I am glad that I had my wooly hat in my bag, I have very little hair so I am always wearing a hat to either protect my slaphead from the sun or to just keep it warm. We had a lovely 5 mile stroll with boys in and out of any water and mud they could find whilst I kept a watch out for any wildlife we might encounter, which is not a lot really when you have two manic Spaniels whizzing around all over the place and crashing through the undergrowth. We had a lovely time before heading back home for breakfast.

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