Over the past couple of months I have been exploring a mature woodland that I have known about since I was a kid. I have not walked through this woodland before as I was more interested in the open fields and a larger woodland nearby that I used to wild shoot many moons ago. I can’t access these woods or the fields anymore as they are controlled by a shooting club, I did originally want to re-explore these areas but thought better of it, so thats why I chose to explore this smaller woodland on the other side of the track.

I visited this woodland, I am going to call it BRYANS WOOD, last week with the boys and had a lovely couple of hours wandering around picking up windfall Sweet Chestnuts and finding different mushroom species. The amount of mushrooms was pretty amazing and some were edibles, although I did not harvest any this time but I will.

It was a lovely afternoon to be out and about and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I will be returning soon and reckon I will be doing an overnight camp before the temperatures drop too much…

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