A few weeks back now I took the boys for our early morning walk through a local woods, one which I have not visited for a while, and was lucky enough to be greeted by huge expanses of Wood Anenomes growing throughout the woodland. I have walked through these woods on and off for the past few years and have to admit that I have not seen the Wood Anenome grow as prolific as this before.

Heres a little blurb about these beautiful little flowering plants:

Growing between March and May these pretty little spring flowers grow in the dappled shade of ancient woodlands before the canopy of trees leaves grow too dense overhead. It is classed as being a common plant with widespread distribution growing well in ancient woodlands and is often planted in parklands and graveyards as well being grown by gardeners. As you can see in my pictures it has predominately white flowers, some with shades of pink I have found, and only growths to roughly 25cm tall and readily spreads growing large carpets of the delicate flowers.

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