Walking the pooches

Walking the pooches

Early doors this morning I took the boys for a nice yomp through Gusted hall woods, New England Woods, through to near Hockley Woods and then across some fields and back to the car. In total a little over 3 miles were walked, for me anyway the boys more than likely did 5 times that distance .

I supped some coffee on a fallen tree in New England Woods while Paddy and Choccy splashed around in the nearby River Roach, before we carried on through the woods and out the other side and onto the playing field.

We then strolled through some more woodlands which took us to within a stones throw of Hockley Woods before walking around the perimeter of a few fields and ending up back at the car.

The highlight of the whole walk for me was sitting beneath a big oak tree on the edge of one of the fields and finishing off my coffee whilst watching pigeons and crows flying low and landing on the remaining stubble to feed.

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