A couple of weeks ago I took the boys for a nice walk along the banks of the River Roach, which fortunately for me is less than a mile from my doorstep. The weather was nice, if a little chilly in the wind, so I decided to video the walk on my phone to show how beautiful that stretch of river is. I’ve uploaded the video to my Youtube channel so if you fancy a watch click on the link below.


Starting at the derelict Stambridge Mills, I,ll do a short video of that building soon as its an interesting place, I walked along the bankside path through to Bartonhall Creek. Its a lovely walk if you like the quiet as there really isn’t anything around you other than countless calling wildfowl and the odd hare than can be seen in the distance bounding across the fields. I have walked all the way through to Paglesham before, some 10 miles along the top of the sea defence, and will be doing so again this year but with the cameras this time.

I really am lucky to live where I do as there’s so much countryside locally that I can lose myself in.

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