I’ve been getting more and more interested in wild camping over the past year or two and am now ready to load my rucksack and go and set up camp somewhere for the night. I have done a couple of recce trips and have found a few nice spots where I can tuck myself away for the nigh. One of the spots is perfect for a hammock camp but there are a few biggish branches in the way that need a little trim up. Now I have my pruners, limp saws and branch loppers for work which I could use to tidy up the branches but I fancied going old school and using an.

An axe is one of the only tools that I don’t actually possess, so it on Fleabay I went to purchase one ready for my trip. Now all the new axes I found were all good but had no character to them, yes I know its only an inanimate object. But eventually I found two secondhand axes that had the right ‘look’ to them and offered the seller a cheeky, lower than they were asking, price and low and behold they accepted it.

In just under a week a had my axes in my grubby little mitts and planning what I was going to do with them next. Personally I like the axe on the right better and it feels really nice in my hand so that will probably be the one I will be taking with me on my outings. I shan’t ignore the red headed axe though and shall be cleaning, sharpening and oiling the heads of both as well as giving both handles a coat of oil or something similar. I will record the processes I take to breath a little bit of new life into these hard working tools and post it on here soon.

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