Over the past few weeks I have found that no matter where I decide to go for a walk, along the River Crouch, across farm fields, through small wooded copse and round local country parks I keep on spotting mushrooms. And I don’t mean just the same varieties either, no, I,ve spotted countless of different species of all shapes and sizes. Now some of them I know the names off, whilst others I kind of ID through using the internet or social media and some I just look at, admire and take pictures of. I have found some nice edible Field Mushrooms which I picked and ate, as well as a few other edible varieties but I left them as I wasn’t exactly happy with my ID being correct and I didn’t want to risk getting a dodgy stomach. I’ve taken lots of pictures using my phone of the mushies I,ve found so thought I,d show you here.

I will endeavour to learn more about our native wild mushrooms as i,m really starting to take an interest in them, plus i like the thought of eating them also. Maybe ill start to do small Identification write-ups as i find them so you can learn about them with me.

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