Whilst visiting TILE WOOD a couple of weeks ago I decided to detour a little from the path I was ambling along and found myself walking around Little Havens Nature Reserve instead. I was not complaining though as this was a lovely little walk through some wooded areas and across a few fields in the glorious morning sun.

It was a lovely way to walk going from shaded woods areas then out into the open and sunny fields that surrounded the trees. I spotted quite a few more varieties of mushrooms as well as numerous bird species and the ever present squirrels.

Managed by the ESSEX WILDLIFE TRUST Little Haven woods forms part of the historical woodlands of the Daws Heath area which spans from Hadleigh Great Wood in the East to Valerie Wells Woods in the West. I am planning on visiting, and recording here, all of the associated woodlands within this area as well as researching more into these ancient woodlands.

It was only a short walk as the area is not particularly big but what it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty. The photos I have taken do not really do the place justice as it truly is a lovely place to visit. I will definitely be exploring there again as it is so easy to access at any time which is good for me as I regularly work nearby.

I recorded the whole walk on my KOMOOT app so if you fancy taking the exact route that I took then click the link HERE.

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