I’ve always been a keen reader, have been since I was a kid reading fantasy paperbacks by torchlight under the bed covers so as not to get caught by the parents as I was meant to be sleeping, and have amassed quite a large library of books over the years to do with my 2 main passions of COOKING and FISHING. Well lately I have slowly been expanding my collection to include a few books on FORAGING as this pastime is interesting me more and more of late.


I only have the four books at present but you can rest assured that I will be increasing this collection as time goes by. My favourite, and newest, book is ‘THE FORAGERS CALENDAR’ by John Wright, I,ve only just started reading it and I,m finding it hard to put down. The basics of the book are as the title says really, it highlights what you can forage during each calendar month, as well as some you shouldn’t, giving descriptions and pictures of each. I believe it is a great read for anyone interested in venturing out and foraging for some wild food. The Collins Gems ‘FOOD FOR FREE’ and ‘MUSHROOMS AND TOADSTOOLS’ are ideal to pop in your pocket for when you venture out and about as they are compact little books and great for any on the spot identifications. Now ‘WILD FOOD, A COMPLETE GUIDE FOR FORAGERS’ by Roger Phillips is more of a recipe book for wild food harvesters, with over 150 recipes for food and drink using foraged foods. There is some delicious looking recipes in it that I will trying as i harvest the right ingredients.

As I purchase more books I,ll let you know and once I have a few more I think I might do a little review of each book so you can decide which one might suit your needs.


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