I found a small ring of FIELD MUSHROOMS whilst taking the boys out for a walk last week so decided to pick few and take them home for my lunch. Its amazing how many uses a ‘poo bag’ can have to the occasional forager.

Now I’m pretty new to mushroom foraging so I made sure that these were definitely safe to consume before I picked them. I did this by taking a picture and using an app on my phone called INATURALIST, this gave me a good idea of the mushrooms ID which I then googled further to double check that they were edible. To be honest I was 99 percent sure these were actually Field Mushrooms before doing a search for them, but it doesn’t hurt to be doubly sure.

I wanted to take a nicely laid out artsy picture of the cooked mushrooms but got overly excited and ate half of them before remembering to take a quick picture. They tasted lovely though……..

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