Yes I know this blog has been a little mushroom heavy lately but this is the season that you can find them growing strong. Anyway I,m really growing my interest in fungi finding and by taking pictures and writing about what I find I,m slowly building up a ‘mushroom portfolio’ that I can use for reference should I need to.

First is the STUBBLE ROSEGILL, I found a small group of 30 or so of these growing low down on the sea wall at Fambridge earlier this week when I was walking the pooches. Apparently they are edible but don’t have much flavour so not really eaten, I,ve not tried them. They were about the size of my open hand and the younger specimens were dome shaped then opening out to the shape you see in the pictures as they got bigger.

Next are WAXCAPS I think, although I,m not 100 percent sure about these. The pictures don’t really do them any justice as the yellow colour also had a slight green tint to it. These mushrooms were tiny, about the size of my thumb, if that even, and were growing just of the concrete pathway at the top of the sea wall. There was only a small group of 5 specimens in a small area and I was lucky to actually spot these as I strolled along watching my dogs splatter through the estuarine mud.

Hopefully I,ll find more mushrooms when I,m out wandering and I,ll be sure to post them up.

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