I took a walk through Hockley Woods one evening a couple of days ago in the hope of finding some edible mushrooms. I’m new to foraging for mushrooms so i wasn’t expecting to find much really, which was good as i barely found any funghi at all. I guess that’s only to be expected as it will take a while for me to ‘get my eye in’ when it comes to spotting anything hiding in the undergrowth. Also there are a lot of signs that these woods constantly have people walking every part of them as there was tracks everywhere you went, which could mean that other foragers may of beaten me to any goodies that may of been growing there. I did manage to spot a few Birch Polypores, at least that’s what i think they are, growing on dead and decaying birch tree stumps, so that was good.

Although unsuccessful on the foraging front it was a lovely way to spend an hour or two. The woods were so quiet and peaceful with only the sounds of nature to be heard. I,ll have to visit there more often as it is only a couple of miles up the road from where i live.

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