9th January to 15th January

9th January to 15th January

On the 9th I took myself off to a local woodland that I knew off and sat in the middle of the trees and had my lunch. It may of only been a pot noodle, cold sausage roll and a coffee but it tasted lovely sitting beneath the trees listening to the creatures of the woods go about their daily routine. I have written about it in more detail elsewhere so click HERE to read in more detail.

On the 10th I took the boys for their mornings run over at Cherry Orchard Country Park. It was overcast, wet and chilly but enjoyable none the less. The boys had a nice swim and splash around in the River Roach that forms the boundary of the park along one side, and I enjoyed my coffee in the open air.

On the 12th we took the long walk along the banks of the River Crouch to Lovedowns Sluice for our mornings jaunt. I lost the boys for most of the walk as they just ran and splashed through the mud and water in the land drainage ditch that runs parallel with the sea defence wall. I sat and enjoyed my coffee whilst overlooking the marshland and watching the ducks and seabirds flying here and there searching for their breakfasts. I do love this area….

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