7th June to 13th June

7th June to 13th June

On the 8th I took a nice long walk through Hadleigh Country park and around the castle in glorious sunny weather. I arrived at just gone 6am as the forecast was for mid twenty degrees later on in the day so I wanted to get the boys walked and back home before the temperature got too much. I have written more about that trek HERE if you want to have a good read, there’s lots of pictures too.

The 11th saw myself and the boys out early again but this time we had a wander around the local country park. It was due to be hot again but was nice and overcast on our stroll which I much prefer walking in rather than blazing sunshine. One of the fields we walked around was covered with OX-EYE DAISIES which is lovely to see, follow the link to see more of them. I had a sit down and drunk my coffee half way round taking in the views as I sipped.

I harvested some of my home grown herbs this week too as they were growing a little out of control. I finely chopped the coriander I picked and filled some ice cube trays with it and a little water and froze them ready to be used in my cooking. The sage and mint leaves I picked were laid individually on a baking tray and again frozen before being packed into re-sealable bags and stored in the freezer ready to be used too. I also made some fresh mint tea which tasted lovely.

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