3rd October to 9th October

3rd October to 9th October

On the 3rd I had a walk around a local country park that I have not walked around before. Magnolia Park is only a couple of miles from my home and is quite a nice little wild parkland really. I did have an ulterior motive though as I had heard that there was a lot of Crab Apple trees there and I was on the hunt for some to make some Hedgerow Jam soon. Well I managed a kilo or so of apple from one small tree which was good but couldn’t find anymore trees. I will return as I spotted lots of plump Rosehips and Sloe Berries just waiting for me to help myself.

On the 9th I set about preparing some Quince, that I harvested from a customers garden earlier on in the week, ready for the freezer so I could turn it into Quince Jelly ready for the christmas cheese board. What a laborious job that was, I do hope it was all worth the effort.

Also on the 9th I prepared some Sumac flowers ready to dry so I could harvest the seeds and make my own Sumac powder. I,ll write more about this at a later date.

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