31st October to 6th November

31st October to 6th November

On the 31st I took the boys for a nice early mornings walk alongtheu banks of the River Crouch at South Fambridge. The sun was strong but there was a little nip in the air meaning I had to wear a warm coat but it wasn’t really anything to worry about really.

On the 4th I took myself for a nice long walk around Hockley Woods in the search for some mushrooms. I found quite a lot of different varieties on my wander, unfortunately no real edible ones. My favourites were the Inkcaps, both Shaggy and Magpie, that I found in various states of growth. In fact I have found more Inkcaps this year than I have done before. Hockley woods is a lovely place for a walk and I will be exploring it more next year I reckon. I recorded the walk on my KOMOT APP so if you would like to view the exact route I took then click HERE.

The 5th saw me and Sharon having a very windy and rainy walk along the sandy beach at Walton with the boys. The weather was so bad I only took a couple of photos but we enjoyed ourselves none the less.

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