30th May to 5th June

30th May to 5th June

On the 31st the boys and I had a nice walk in the sunshine along the River Crouch just outside Battlesbridge on the south side of the river. I’ve walked here quite a bit over the past few years as it is a lovely little stretch of river right uptown the outskirts of Hullbridge. The boys had a nice swim as I watched a pair of swans effortlessly paddle along the river. We walked back through a footpath a short distance back from the river but it was seriously overgrown so I had to hop the fence and walk the perimeter of a couple of fields.

On the 1st I was a little early to my first job of the day so had a quick wander around Tile Wood. I saw a couple of massive Wood Ant hills along the way.

On the 2nd the boys and I had our usual early morning walk around part of a local country park. It was nice and mild with blue skies which made it just right to have a wee sit down and enjoy my first coffee of the day. Part of the fields on our walk were full of bright OX-EYE DAISIES all leaning towards the warmth of the sun.

On the 4th I was out and about having a little explore around the Danbury area and I thought I would pop in for a quick stroll around Danbury Common. It was really hot so we stayed mainly beneath the canopy of the trees but did venture out I to the sun a couple of times, especially to admire a solitary Foxglove growing tall and proud amongst heathland.

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