29th MARCH – 4th APRIL

29th MARCH – 4th APRIL

So the start of this week saw me spending 3 days and 2 two nights fishing for carp on Alton Water in Suffolk. Although I didn’t actually catch anything just being on the bank after not fishing for over 6 months was exactly what the doctor ordered. It helps that Alton is a gorgeous place to spend some time with over 8 miles, possibly 12 but I,m not quite sure, of tracks running around the perimeter of the lake. The wildlife that lives there is vast with numerous species of wildfowl drifting around to countless twitty birds as well as owls, kestrels and other birds of prey. In fact I filmed a mating pair last year as they circled and called to each other above my head, you can see the film HERE. I’ve also heard muntjac calling, as well as crashing through the undergrowth during the night when I,ve been fishing as well. Various flowers abound around its shores too.

The 2nd of April and Sharon and I finished the last leg of our charity walk along the banks of the River Crouch. Starting off at North Fambridge we walked to the Clocktower at Burnham On Crouch passing through the tiny little collection of houses at Althorne, then past the yacht club at Creeksea followed by walking around the marina at Burnham On Crouch before finishing roughly in the middle of the town beneath the Clocktower. This amounted to roughly 10 miles through some beautiful countryside, the best of the journey so far I reckon. I’d recommend this walk to anyone interested in walking the river and I will definitely be trekking this stretch again soon. All in all Sharon has raised roughly £5500 from this walk which will all go to  Pancreatic Cancer Research, well done girl xxxx

That was it for this week as after the Crouch walk I needed a bit of a rest for a couple of days.

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