28th JUNE to 4th JULY

28th JUNE to 4th JULY

Not a lot of walking this week as I was busy with work but I did manage a couple of short walks with the boys locally but there was nothing really total any pictures of. The weather has been a little wet and warm so not really making it comfortable to be out in anyway.

I have been updating my BLOG and improving the layout of my website, as well as planning some new adventures which I will be writing about on here in the not too distance future.

I can’t remember if I have mentioned this before but I have been getting pretty interested in wild water swimming so I have been slowly buying a few things for when I am ready to actually take the plunge. So far I have my goggles so I can see below the waters surface, some neoprene shoes so I can walk across stones etc without damaging my tootsies and I have also bought a waterproof case to keep my van keys in whilst I am actually taking a dip. I also have a microfibre towel on order which should be with me soon. I’m quite looking forward too having a little doggie paddle along the local beach and also plan on a dip in a couple of local rivers too. I’m sure the boys won’t mind if I join them in the water for a splash around.

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