27th December to 31st December

27th December to 31st December

On the 29th I took the boys for a good run around ‘Secret Fields’ in pretty dismall conditions, drizzly run, overcast, windy and cold. It was still a lovely stroll round these fields as always and I just love how secluded you feel there even though you are only a mile or so from a major town. I found the jaw bones of something, not sure what, as I bimbled along the perimeter of the larger field.

On the 30th I visited James Cooke Wood which I have written about elsewhere on this blog, click HERE if you would like to read about my visit in more detail and see a lot more photos. It was a lovely little woodland and worth a visit if you are near Witham.

Also on the 30th I visited a small nature reserve run by Essex Wildlife Trust, click HERE if you want to read about my visits to various sites they maintain. The reserve is called Iron Latch Nature Reserve and is situated just outside Colchester and is a mother small reserve that is well worth a visit. I have written in detail about my trip there elsewhere on my blog so click HERE if you wish to see more photos and read more.

Again on the 30th I also visited another Essex Wildlife Trust site in Wrabness called Copperas Wood. Now this is a special woodland as not only is it beautiful but also has a track leading down to the River Orwell, which I did not walk as I was on a time schedule unfortunately. Now this woodland is worth making a purposeful trip to visit walk as it truly is gorgeous. I written in more detail about my visit elsewhere on this blog so click HERE to read more and view more photos of my visit.

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