26th September to 2nd October

26th September to 2nd October

On the 26th I took a nice wander around Tile Woods in the search for some mushrooms to forage. Although I found lots of different fungi I did not find the species that I was really looking for, the Penny Bun or Porcini or Cepe, all the same mushroom some different names. I did find some really old Cepes of some sort but they were so decayed I could not identify. I did find some Beefsteak Fungus, which is a nice edible apparently, but I bottled it and did not harvest any. I have written about the Beefsteak HERE if you are interested.

Also on the 26th I ventured over to Pound Wood also on the look out for edible mushrooms but again found a lot of different varieties but no edibles. There were more varieties of fungi in this woodland than Tile Wood across the road.

On the 30th I took the boys for a wander around the Secret Fields to stretch their legs, and mine. It was overcast with a breeze blowing but its always enjoyable strolling around this small collection of fields. Nothing really of interest to report other than I found a dead shrew on the edge of a hedgeline, I’m guessing it was dropped by a bird or prey as there are a good few in this area.

On the 1st I harvested and made some Rosehip Jam. I had never made, or tasted, not before but seeing as there was an abundance of ‘hips’ on one of my regular walks I though I would give it a go. The recipe is HERE if you fancy a go at making it yourself.

Again on the 1st I took Paddy, Choccy had a poorly foot so he couldn’t come out to play, for a wander around Pound Woods again. I was ever hopeful of some edible mushrooms again but the closest I came to was a Shaggy Parasol which some people can eat but most get an upset stomach by it so I gave that one a swerve.

on the 2nd I cooked up the Sweet Chestnuts that I had collected the day before. They were lovely and I ate the lot within no time at all.

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