26th APRIL – 2nd MAY

26th APRIL – 2nd MAY

This mornings walk, Wednesday 28th, was around the ‘SECRET FIELDS’. It was breezy and chilly as we meandered around the perimeter of the first field towards the track tucked away in a corner. Further along this track the rushes start to grow closer and closer to the pathway until you are brushing through them as you continue before you come to a small wooden bridge that spans the drainage ditch which is full of the rustling stems. It was here that I heard it, the first cuckoo call of the year. I love the sound they make and I know that a couple of fields over there is a small stand of trees that a cuckoo regularly calls from every year. I’ve yet to seek out the exact spot but I,m just happy to stand and listen to them from afar. After a short while I carried on over the bridge and around the edge of the next few fields until I eventually arrived back at the track that leads up the hill to the van. I love this area, there is always something to see or hear….

Friday 30th saw me and the boys having a longer than usual stroll around the local country park. Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park is just outside Southend-on-Sea and close to the airport but you wouldn’t believe that it was so close to such hustle and bustle. Its a popular walk for me as it is only 2 minutes drive away and spans some 200 hundred acres itself as well as connecting, sort off, to Hockley Woods and the surrounding countryside. Having numerous woodlands, a lake, lots of grasslands and the River Roach flowing through it, its a cracking park to take the boys as well as being pretty good for spotting various wildlife. I regularly take a coffee with me when I walk here and enjoy it whilst sitting on one of the many benches whilst looking out across the hills. We always end up walking back to the van alongside the river though, so the boys can have a dip in its cool flowing water.

A walk in the sun this morning, Sunday 2nd, along the banks of the River Crouch heading towards Hullbridge. The tide was in, the sun was shining and there was barely a breath of wind, you couldn’t ask for better conditions to walk in early on a sunday morning. Not a lot to report on really just a beautiful morning to be outside, but I did take a few pictures of the boats moored out in the river.

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