25th July to 31st July

25th July to 31st July

On the 26th the boys and I had a little early mornings wander around Cherry Orchard as we do. It was quite warm so it felt good to have a sit down beneath the canopy of some trees half way through our stroll. The area I chose was a pretty overgrown pathway that not many people walk so it is good for spotting various residents of the fur and feather variety.

On the morning of the 27th I was a bit early arriving for my first job of the day so I popped in Pound Woods, as I was passing it anyway, and had a wee stroll along some of the tracks there. It was a very bright but chilly morning, I could even see the steam from my breath, and the coolness of the mornings air felt lovely.

On the 31st I took the boys for a nice long walk along the banks of the River Crouch unto Black Point. Its a nice 4 mile, I think, round trip passing marshlands and inland splashes so ducks are plentiful. The sun was shining with a few clouds drifting past so it was t-shirt weather. The breeze coming of off the water was nice and cooling which was a nice change from the extreme temperatures we have recently been having. On the way to Black Point I passed some nice beds of fresh Marsh Samphire so had planned to pick some on my return but unfortunately Paddy badly cut the back of his leg so I chose to just march back to the van so I could get him hime and check to see whether a vet visit was needed. Fortunately Paddys cuts were pretty bad but not bad enough enough to have stitches so we just clean them and strapped him up and he has heard completely now.

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