24th October to 30th October

24th October to 30th October

One the 24th I took myself and the boys off on a exploration trip to find somewhere new to walk. WE ended up at OLD HALL MARSHES in Tollesbury. We had a cracking time walking along the seawall loop and have written about it in more detail elsewhere on this blog. Click HERE if you would like to read more, and see lots more photographs.

On the 28th I had a walk around SECRET FIELDS and found loads of different varieties of mushrooms. Obviouslynthe boys had a good run around but I was more interested mushroom spotting

Having got a little carried away searching for mushrooms in the morning I then popped over to POUND WOODS to go on the search for even more fantastic fungi. I was not disappointed as I found lots more different varieties and also managed to collect some SWEET CHESTNUTS too.

On the 29th I walked couple of local scrubland areas and foraged a load more ROSEHIPS, SLOE BERRIES and more CRAB APPLES. I will keep you posted as to what I do with this bounty.


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