24th May to 30th May

24th May to 30th May

On the morning of the 24th I took the boys to our ‘Secret Fields’ for a quickie walk as I had a lot to do later in the morning. It was a little cloudy but warm as we wandered around the fields, or more to the point I wandered and they raged. Spotted some pretty large BURDOCK plants growing amongst the nettles on one of the embankments.

During the evening of the 24th I still had some energy to burn so decided on a local walk from Rochford through to Stambridge and back home, a nice circular route of just under 4 miles. It was a nice little walk around a local lake, through some fields and a short trip along a road. I even found some plants that I,ve never seen before SCORPION WEED.

I’ve recorded the route on my KAMOOT account, click HERE to view it.

On the 27th I had to visit Chelmsford so after doing what I needed to do I popped along to Sandon Lock and took a walk from there through to Papermill Lock and back. It was a nice little walk of just over 3 miles and well worth doing if you are nearby, there’s even a cafe at Papermill Lock so you can grab a coffee and snack too. I walked the river route but I believe there is another route which takes you away from the river but ends up at the same location.

On the 28th I had to make a trip up to Norfolk so whilst there I took the opportunity to explore the North Norfolk coastal road. I love this area of Norfolk and can see myself living somewhere around that area in a few years. I tripped along the coastline visiting Weybourne, Cley, Salhouse and a few other little coastal places before settling down for the night to sleep in my van whilst over looking Salhouse marshes.


The 29th saw me driving back home very early, but rather than heading straight back to Essex I decided to bounce along the Suffolk coast exploring as I went. I stopped off in a fair few coastal places which I have earmarked for return trips as they are definitely worth a visit and exploring better than I did. But I did stop at Rendlesham Forest and have a good walk around there, I have written a dedicated post for that walk HERE if you would like to read more. Needless to say I will be visiting there again soon as it truly was a beautiful area.

I’ve recorded the route on my KAMOOT account, click HERE to view it.

The morning of the 30th saw me walking the boys along the banks of the River Crouch again. It was a beautiful morning as I lazily strolled along the top of the sea defence to Lovedowns Sluice before having a sit down and drinking my coffee whilst looking over the marshes. Coffee drunk and we wandered back to the van to get back home in time for breakfast.


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