22nd – 28th MARCH 2021

22nd – 28th MARCH 2021

First thing Tuesday 23rd the boys and I were walking along the beach at Shoebury in rather chilly conditions. There was only a slight breeze blowing but it was a fresh one, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. The tide was halfway in and I was really surprised to see how clear the water actually was, in fact I’ve written another entry about its clarity, and there’s a short video too, HERE.

I,m really enjoying walking along the beach these days, especially early doors, and the boys enjoy themselves too. Theres something quite soothing listening to the gentle lap of the waves on the gravel.

Thursday 25th saw me back on the beach at Shoebury but this time further along at East Beach. Theres only a small stretch of beach along here, half mile at most I reckon, and that gets covered when the tide comes in but it is a nice spot for an early mornings stroll. Personally I wouldn’t want to visit later on in the day, especially if the suns out, as its a popular area for families to enjoy themselves and I like the quiet. Theres a cracking bakery just up the road by the way, The Garrison Bakery, which makes and sells some tasty breads and cakes so is definately worth a visit. Anyways on my visit the weather was gloriously sunny, if not a little chilly in the wind, so I had a half hours sit down to enjoy my latte and soak up the warmth of the sun. The boys enjoyed raging around the beach, as they always do, and did quite a lot of swimming after the tennis ball I was throwing in for them to fetch.

Sunday 28th and me and Sharon continued on our charity walk along the banks of the River Crouch in aid of Pancreatic Cancer Research. This leg of our journey was from South Woodham Ferrers through to North Fambridge with a total of 9 miles walked. It was a lovely walk along the top of the sea wall although a bit chilly as it was pretty windy. We even passed through a flock of sheep, with their lambs, lounging around on the sea defence grass which was great to see. The only downside was that when we got near to North Fambridge we passed through a farm which didn’t allow any further access along the river so we had to walk away from the river and walk a couple miles along a main road before coming back back down to Fambridge marina. That part was a horrible walk but fortunately it didn’t last too long. All in all an enjoyable trek though……

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