16th August to 22nd August

16th August to 22nd August

Not a lot to report this week as work has still been taking priority over fun I am afraid. I did manage a couple of local walks this week, one being just quick whizz around a couple of local fields to just give the boys some exercise. The other was a nice early morning stroll around Cherry Orchard Country Park which always lifts the spirits.

We did our usual circuit of the park , roughly 3.5 miles which is ideal for the pooches to let off some steam, and I also had a little sit down to drink my coffee in the corner of one of the fields. It was a little overcast as it was due to rain at some point that morning but I did not mind as I quite like to sit and watch the cloud formations from the bench in that particular field as you get a nice big sky view from there.

The change over season is just starting to show now as berries are starting to ripen on certain trees and bushes and some of the bright flowers are now slowly wilting giving way to seed heads. I found a nice big wild horse radish plant just off one of the tracks which would yield a huge crop of delicious, eye watering roots but I can guarantee that every other dog that walks past it ‘cocks its leg’ up it so I won’t be harvesting that one, plus technically your not allowed to without permission.

I can’t wait for the Autumn foraging to begin……..

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