12th September to 18th September

12th September to 18th September

I was early to my first job of the day on the 14th so I popped down to the river at Hullbridge, I was only working up the road, and drunk my coffee sitting on a nice bench near the boatyard. I was only there 15 minutes but it was a nice way to start the day, I definitely recommend it.

On the 16th I took the boys for an early morning walk along the banks of the River crouch at Fambridge. It was a little chilly but theses were blue and the sun was slowly rising. the boys had a whale of a time swimming in the chilly salt water of the river before having a little wander along the banks towards the marshlands and back.

I had a little drive around exploring some localist countryside on the 17th, and ended up at a spot that I keep meaning to visit and have a nosey around. It is a lovely ford crossing a small stream that connects to Sandon Brook. I have driven through this stream numerous times and always say I should explore it a little. Anyway today I did explore a small section of it with the boys and its a lovely little stretch of water which I will be exploring more soon, once the vegetation dies back a little in the colder months ahead.

Later on that evening I grabbed my hammock and overnight gear and headed of to the Secret Fields where I spent the night sleeping in a small clump of trees. I have written more about this night elsewhere on my blog so click HERE to read more.

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