11th July to 17th July

11th July to 17th July

On the 12th Sharon and I took a walk to Luds Church via Gradbach Mill. This was an amazing hike, pretty strenuous in places as the track could be quite steep at times, following the trail up the side of a hill/mountain/peak or whatever you might call it. The views were spectacular along the way and we stopped off at Hawks Nest Rocks for the best views of the walk. I have written more in depth about this hike elsewhere in my blog so click HERE to read more and see lots more photos.

On the 13th we took it easy as it was my 50th birthday but we did take a leisure wander around Buxton, yes that Buxton. It was a nice town but as you all know towns and people are not high on my list favourite things. We took a nice drive around the local area on the way back to the cottage though. I have written more in depth about Buxton HERE.

On the 14th after resting the day before we ventured off, on probably the best hike we have ever done, along the trail to Three Shires Head Waterfall. Now this was truly spectacular with beautiful views to an amazing collection of waterfalls and pools. We loved the whole hike and everything about it. I have written more in depth about this hike HERE and there are lots of photos to accompany it.

On the 15th we were due to leave the gloriousPeak District and travel over to Norfolk, but I got up early for a last hike. I chose tasty close to the cottage and took the boys for our last walk to the high rocky outcrops above the farm. I written about this hike in more detail HERE.

On the 16th we took the boys for an early morning walk along the beach at Mundesley. We have visited this Norfolk beach many times before but we love the place, especially early in the morning. The had a blast raging around along the sand and swimming in the choppy water and I enjoyed having a wee paddle too.

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