11th April to 17th April

11th April to 17th April

On the 11th I took the boys for a nice walk along the banks of the River Roach. I have written about this walk elsewhere, HERE , so won’t go into too much detail. Needless to say we had a lovely stroll beneath the cool blue skies.

On the afternoon of the 15th we took a walk along a stretch of the River Crouch that you can walk from just outside Battlesbridge to Hullbridge. Again it was a cool but sunny day with blue skies and only a few fluffy white clouds and was lovely to walk in. The tide was low but the boys managed a few swims along the walk, and I also watched a pair of swans drifting along on the current. On our walk back we took the path that runs along the edge of a few fields, instead of a repeat of the bankside walk, but half of the track was overgrown so I had to hop a fence to walk along a small grassy field. All in all a lovely hour or so’s walk.

On the 14th we took our Sunday mornings walk at Danbury Common as I had not been there for a couple of years I think. We wondered around this large woodland for a couple of hours enjoying the shade of the trees as the sun was pretty strong. The boys had some fun running along the length of the small stream that runs along the perimeter at one point. there was a lot of birdlife to be seen and heard, even though the area was starting to get quite busy. Its a lovely place to visit and I should spend some more time exploring there really.

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